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Create Digital Magazine and reach more readers & share it on social media

Create Digital Magazine and reach more readers & share it on social media

I struggled with my publishing for many years until one day, a friend recommended a wonderful software to solve my Magazine publishing problems. I visited the site, and at a glance, it is stylish with vast resourceful publishing categories. Previously, I struggled with many sketchy platforms, so it was intuitive when I browsed through the platform. I uploaded all my work within two minutes. How fast my work was uploaded and advertised in public domains was astonishing. Without forgetting, it was FREE, from enhanced and attractive work, storage space in the cloud to massive traffic on my work. It had many features that added to its efficiency if you want a professional, visually attractive, and outstanding publication. When you create digital Magazine, the contents are distributed electronically for easy access to your potential readers. With YUMPU Publishing, to create digital Magazine and publishing a Magazine online has never been this easy. It is a free digital magazine maker. You don’t need extra tutorials, just a PDF that you create in advance because the steps on the software are straightforward.

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What is a digital Magazine?

It is a collaborative e-book that resembles printed Magazines/journals. Still, it utilizes digital publishing technology to be read on an electronic device like a computer or a mobile phone. Contents are hosted, distributed, and read online. The software helps you to make a magazine online much more effortless.

It is an easy Magazine maker that has opened up the digital publishing space for everyone to create digital Magazine, publish, and distribute content online.

What is YUMPU Publishing?

It is powerful software that simulates the experience of reading a print publication like Magazines, flipbooks, brochures, catalogs, among other things online.

Another thing that you will enjoy about this software YUMPU Publishing when creating an online Magazine is that the online Magazine can be shared on social media and that it is search engine optimized. This software can break down long PDF and create a digital Magazine with a higher ranking in search engines. It is a free online magazine maker that converts regular PDF to PDF Flipbook for enhancing a great reading experience.

For an interactive web-based Magazine, you need to upload a standard PDF, and the free PDF to Magazine converter will display the publication as a page flipping Magazine online. The digital publications are saved in the cloud. You can therefore upload your PDF file converted into HTML5 file and make your content available globally.

It is a free online Magazine creator with paid premium plans if you need more features. The free version has everything you need to get started to create Magazine.

Why make online Magazine?

There is many free online Magazine maker/Magazine creator but YUMPU Publishing, depending on your skill and experience, is the best software because it is free and easy to use.

There are a few steps that you need to follow:

1. You need a business plan

You need to have a business plan that will enable you to figure out your target audience, how you will make money, and your budget to create digital Magazine.

  • Have a niche target: There are different types of Magazines and for different types of audiences. To Create Digital Magazine has many advantages since they do not incur printing costs like the usual physical Magazines. You need to have an audience that identifies and relates to your subcategory. You can research by looking at similar content on other Magazines, picking useful information, and using it to create digital magazine. Do not limit your research to just Magazines. Look at other sources such as books, websites, videos, and other sources. You will be able to know the size of your niche by the number of available materials that are available. If there are limited materials, you can deduce that your niche has a small number, and you can either change it or look at ways to expand it.

  • Cost of publication: Whether you are operating on a limited budget or an unlimited budget, you have to know the types of activities needed to create digital Magazine and market a digital publication. If you are a new digital publisher operating on a limited budget, you can perform multiple roles to avoid incurring costs on hiring expenses. You can write, edit, proofread and circulate your Magazines all by yourself instead of hiring people to do different tasks. You can outsource your writing, editing, and proofreading tasks to freelancers to save on costs.

2. Build your PDF

To create digital Magazine that is successful and sustainable, you first need a PDF file. If you are at your limit, you can use freelancers and volunteers to create the PDF file. To create a PDF file, you first need the content. After you have worked out the content, whether, in Microsoft Word or Excel, etc., you only have to save it as a PDF file. The PDF file is ready.

The thing that will keep readers loyal to your Magazine is the type of content you will publish. It would be best if you had a strategic plan for your content. Magazines have both in-depth featured and shorter recurring content. Some recurring content includes letters to the editor, a table of contents, and other short-form pieces that primarily target your audience’s top interests. You can spread the advertisements throughout the Magazine and try to minimize them in the featured articles. You should plan the type of content you want to add to the Magazine and where to put them in the Magazine. For instance, you can have short-form content on the Magazine’s front pages, place the featured pieces in the middle, and then at the back, you can place the other content.

  • Attract exceptional writers: There are various ways of looking for good writers in the niche market that you are interested in. You can track blogs, forums, and articles by writers covering the topics you are interested in. You can contact these writers and invite them to write in your Magazine. Alternatively, you can find excellent freelance writers on various freelance websites and direct them to write to your specification. You can test their skills and decide if you want to pursue long-term projects with them.

  • Landing interviews: Magazines have famous people featured on their covers to boost sales. Your featured guests do not have to be world-famous people; just a known name in your specific industry can do for a start. Try and make it difficult for people to say no to you by offering different interview formats to choose from.

3. Have a good design for your PDF for a good digital publication

A free digital Magazine is more of the same as a traditional Magazine. You will have to develop a masthead design that will include your Magazine’s title and any other information that you want to be repeated on each issue. As much as your Magazine’s cover design will not be the same in different issues, some components such as font size, borders, colors, typography, etc., will stay the same for continuity. Your digital publications will need a page layout that is both rational and imaginative and can be modified across different issues and remain consistent. You will also need compelling photography to capture your potential audience.

  • Layout and graphic design: You can use various graphic tools to design a good-looking layout for your Magazine. It is advisable to seek help from a professional designer to help boost the design of your Magazine. You can also use the online magazine maker to include videos, audio, links, and photos.

  • Typography: You have to be choosy when picking typography for your Magazine. The type of vibe and energy that your digital publication exudes is greatly dependent on the typography. You can research or even seek help from a professional designer to help you get the right type of typography for your digital publication.

  • Photography: There are various sources that you can use for the photography of your digital publication. Ensure that the photos you are using can be placed on your digital publication for commercial purposes. Ensure that the photos you are using come from credible and licensed sources to avoid future costly legal battles. If you do not have the budget for this, you can use photos from credible sites with many free photos that you can use for your Magazine. If you can, consider buying royalty-free photos from stock houses with higher quality and are more extensive than photos from free sites. You can also find a professional photographer and access original images to give your Magazine an edge over other Magazines.

4. How to create digital Magazine and upload the PDF file with the free Magazine software?

  • Go to the digital Magazine software and create a free account.

  • Drag your PDF file directly from your computer to the upload box on the homepage and start the uploading process with the digital Magazine software

  • Wait for about 2-3 minutes as the conversation is taking place.

  • You can customize or edit the uploaded PDF, and add a title, description, category, tags, and language to enable your Magazine to get good ranks in the various search engines and improve the reading experience. Place your publication in the relevant category to make it easier for your reader to find it.

  • You can use the provided code to embed your document to your homepage or blog instantly. It is a fast and easy method.

  • At the bottom of the page, the button “view Magazine”; click this button to view your e-paper online. Use the function edit document to incase you want to make some more changes.

5. How to sell your digital publication?

The format of your online Magazine will highly determine where you can sell your digital publication. The HTML5 Magazine format is the best format for content presentation. You can be sure that your readers will have a great experience while flipping through your digital publication.

You can sell your Magazines with the help of the software through your website. Other platforms will enable you to host and sell your publications on their software.

You can also use the epub Magazine software to develop an app and market your digital publications on your own app. This gives you access to a sizeable audience to be more easily discovered for your online publication. I would highly recommend using the PDF Catalog Creator software.

6. Marketing

Since you are the publisher of your Magazine, you have to take the initiative and put the word out to attract potential readers to your magazine. Make sure your content is share-worthy.

There are various ways that you can expand the audience for your online Magazine, including:

  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

  • Embed into website or blog

  • Send it as an email

  • Link to your webshop

  • Advertising

  • Press releases

  • Guest blogging on blogs

  • Podcasts that have larger audiences

Advantages of using online Magazine
  • Gather more internet traffic: One of the advantages is increased traffic to your published Magazine. The broken down into individual pages are easy and more clear to read. The inserted document is readily available in real-time and can be searched with ease. The platform has also optimized both double-page and single paged displays by making them more attractive to read while enjoying their high-speed loading. Unlike the lain PDFs, it also allows hyperlinks to be attached to them and be used as promotion tools by marketers.

  • Flexibility: Published documents are visible on any browser and any mobile device.

  • Allow ads hosting: Due to huge traffic brought forth by a boost in web search, you will be able to host ads on your website and increase your earnings.

  • Integration of media: Inserting content such as videos, audio, or images into your Magazine with the software is straightforward. Also, it is possible to share your published document with your friends through various platforms such as social media is very simple.

  • It has a built-in matrix: The free Magazine maker is a built-in matrix, the ad-serving technology owner of publications can tell how many viewers clicked on their advertisement.

It is highly recommended that you take full advantage of all its general and paid plan features. The paid plans ensure more options like ad-free, your logo, and more protection setting for your publication. The premium plans include adFREE-Plan, WEBKiosk-plan, APPKiosk-plan, or PROKiosk-plan.

General features

It is easy to create digital Magazine with no cost within few minutes. All you need is to utilize the free Magazine creator, put it in the flipbook maker, then transformed it into a page flip PDF —i.e PDF to Magazine. Also, in the general feature, search engine optimization is available. This feature will come in handy to help you achieve higher reach.

What do YUMPU Publishing’s plans offer?
  • adFREE-plan: This premium plan allows you to upload several magazines per day. When you create digital Magazine it will automatically be available to your readers. It allows personalized branding, replacing their logo and put yours, switching backgrounds and colors to enhance your personal touch. This plan can use the hotspot editor to integrate videos and audio files and link them in any html5 publication to help communicate emotions rather than just information. This plan also comes with high HD quality to give your readers the best possible reading experience even when zooming your published content. You can adjust display quality under the player settings. The Magazine statistics option allows publishers to analyze the performance of their Magazines using google analytics. With this tool, they can position their links on the most popular pages and direct readers to their website. Advertisement free. Visibility on different search engines. Publishers with this plan will enjoy publishing Magazine online free and being visible (since pdf will be converted into HTML) so that their documents can get the priority in search results.

  • WEBKiosk-plan: This pdf catalog creator free online plan will offer storage for 100 Magazines accessible to all at any time. When you create digital magazine with customizable backgrounds and colors to match your corporate layout, logo, and typeface. This plan will help present your content using your subdomain through a white label WEBKiosksolution. Drag and drop editor. With this plan, publishers are guaranteed an even more intuitive platform that will help them arrange their design element however they like in minutes using drag and drop CSS settings. This plan will help publishers who might require more elements and request to be integrated via Html. Use your advertising space or monetize it. In WEBKiosk, one can lease an advertising space. Or even advertise other products like apps. Premium support. Due to VIP status, WEBKiosklets you enjoy prioritized support from the support team. Import news via RSS. You can integrate the RSS feed for a website into your platform and make the latest content from available news sites.

  • APPKiosk-plan: With this plan, you can create digital Magazine and upload an unlimited number of Magazines, and they will all be ready for your audiences at all times. Tailored app. This app will help enhance a brief presentation for your publications wherever you are, also editing design and colors to adopt your corporate design—real-time update. You can keep your readers updated by push notification, which updates them on your new content at certain time intervals: an independent IOS or android app. Become independent as your application is listed under your company name at the app store or play store. Close support; this plan offers extra support to a publisher who might need assistance by assigning them a personal partner. You can get professional assistance to help you with your app.

  • PROKiosk-plan: It is tailored to upload an unlimited number of Magazines, and they will all be ready for your audiences at all times. This plan best answers how to make a digital Magazine by enhancing a short presentation for your publications wherever you are, also editing design and colors to adopt your corporate design. Helping you tap into new selling channels. This option uses your mobile device as a sales channel and offers customized subscriptions to your readers.


These steps guide you on how to create digital Magazine or how to make PDF Magazine. As you have seen, it is really easy. With talent and a limited budget, you can set up and get going in no time with YUMPU Publishing.

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