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Quest to Find the Best Nr. 1 Online Magazine Software

You are looking to create digital magazines? One of my dreams has always been to publish my own digital magazine. My mid-sized city is full of art, writers and publishers but their voices require a platform with the best interactive digital software for publisher is

One of my dreams has always been to make own magazines. My mid-sized city is full of art, publisher and publishers, but their voices need a platform. I have always believed if they had a platform to share their publications, the art scene could really get going. What has kept me back from pursuing my dream? Start-up costs. It just seemed too overwhelming on top of curating content creation and motivating people to join the project and help them to get what they demand for publishing for the web.

Tired of publishing my content in print form, I began a quest to find the best digital pulishing software. I became determined there had to be a tool for the web that is free, easy to use and well-designed. After testing each digital magazine software at my list, I found a great tool that fulfilled precisely what I missed for the customers on my website. I found a solution for digital publishing including a drag and drop editor.

The Best Online Magazine Software

Going through and using each feature available at the free digital magazine level, Yumpu is by the far the easiest publising solution to design and streamline your workflow with drag and drop. I’ll help and show you exactly how to get your own free digital magazine to publish and running on the world wide web or on mobile phones within an app.

All you require is your first issue in PDF form. Let’s begin!

7 Steps to Create Your First Magazine

1. Go to
2. Create an account
3. Activate your account by clicking the link in the email
4. Create an interactive magazine by clicking the submenu and choosing   ‘Create Magazine’
5. Upload your first issue by browsing for your file from your computer
6. Update the issue name if you have established a public archive name
7. Update the description using SEO methods and keywords for marketing

Your first online pdf magazine is live! You can share the public post right away on your site. Viewers will see your issue on the software’s site in all its glory. You can also easily embed the issue on your own website or facebook and your digital publishing could be also available within apps for mobile devices based on your digital publishing.

2 Steps to Embed Your Magazine

Keeping my future customers on my website is one of the main functions and important for marketing issues. For this you require best online digital magazine publishing software. The software does this beautifully with a special look by making it easy to embed digital magazines.
1. Find the embed code on the bottom of the page and copy it
2. You have to open your website’s content management and paste into the page you want the magazine to display

3 Ways to Make Your Magazine Interactive

Promoting my city’s artists and writers is the main intent of my magazine, so I want people to be able to really explore what they do.
1. Hyperlink to your content creators’ websites
2. Include YouTube or Vimeo videos directly in your magazine’s layout
3. Display image slideshows that go more in-depth than a 2-D layout would allow

10 Steps to Set-up Your Magazine’s Workflow

Now that you are familiar with how to push an issue live on the software’s website instead of using a print, look how you can easily publish your own magazine online – next creation. The best online magazine software is the one that works best for you including all the tools you need, so set-up a workflow that overlaps with how you currently work.

The software syncs with Dropbox every five minutes, so your files will consistently be up to date. If you don’t already use Dropbox on your computer’s Dropbox, download after you are done with setting up your magazines. You don’t need all of your Dropbox folders available if you`re looking for not to use too much memory, but make sure your magazine’s folder list is available.
1. Set-up a new folder for your publications in your Dropbox
2. Upload your file to the folder
3. Go back to the program and toggle your Dropbox account under the Choose a Service section
4. Find the new folder you set-up
5. Create the connection

You can also upload issues directly within WordPress. The plugin uses simple shortcodes to embed your magazine.

1. Go to your plugins section and search for ‘Yumpu ePaper’ to find the free plugin
2. Download and activate the plugin
2. Copy your API Access Token from your Profile page
3. Paste the token in your plugin, which you will find on the left dashboard as E-Paper
4. You can now directly upload your publishing to WordPress

5 Reasons Why Yumpu is the Best Online Magazine Software

1. By far my favorite feature is the ability to update a digital magazine issue without needing to update my website’s code. Since the embed code is an iframe, it automatically pulls in any updates made to the magazine on my site, facebook or twitter.
2. The software’s design is very minimal. I need all of the focus to be on the art in my magazine creation. The software’s branding is more minimal than other similar tools. All around it has a clean aesthetic for create magazines that looks professional, based on a free product.
3. The magazine is easy to read, view and navigate.
4. Super easy to set-up. Within ten minutes I went from making an account to having an embedded online magazine on my own website or within an app. Having more time for the creation is one of the biggest advantages compared to print magazines without any digital tools or apps.
5. There aren’t an endless amount of integrated application tools, but the most popular ones are. Being able creating a workflow that integrates with my other projects is perfect.


To create a new workflow for publishing digital content for the world wide web or a mobile app has relieved a lot of the anxiety I felt. It feels great and I like idea to now just focus on the content for the future issues. I’m sure it won’t be easy to fill each issue, but my main hurdle is jumped. Now I just need to make sure artists make their deadlines.

Since you are all set-up to use the best digital magazine creation tool, you can consider upgrading to the advanced plans. They certainly are a worth a try and your publishers marketing departments will like this tool for sure. Particularly if you plan on using Yumpu within apps or for your clients. Use this mobile app to reach your readers on their mobile devices.

If you haven’t signed-up yet, here is the direct link LINK.

Digital Magazine Publishing Software

Digital Magazine Publishing Software – the best!

For the longest time my company had been against us doing any type of social media marketing. They finally came to me and ask my opinion and they wanted me to make a trial run. One of the things that they wanted us to do was be able to do mobile marketing. I kept looking at different sites. But, none digital magazine publishing software really made me comfortable.

Digital magazine software

Digital Magazine Software – Simple Free and User Friendly

I’ve recently been using because of how professional and easy it is for me to create a new magazine. One of the main things I love about Yumpu is that it offers digital magazine software that is completely free for me to use. I have a busy online blog that I love writing in on a day-to-day basis and I recently decided that I would like to begin publishing digital magazine articles onto the Internet for others to read.

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Looking for an E Magazine Software? Read this first!

As a graphic artist, I have been advised about creating a PDF portfolio of my work since gaining my graphic design diploma. I now have my own portfolio and my work is spreading like wildfire to the consciousness of people and would-be clients with the amazing help and support of It is a free digital publishing site that met my needs well. However, it took me a while to find it. Good thing I did or else my PDF portfolio would have not gained that much of a publicity and following.

Online magazine creator

Online Magazine Creator for free? Check this out!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the days of print media are over. But self publishing becomes easier and more profitable all the time. In addition to far lower publishing costs, with the explosion of personal electronic devices in recent years (even Granny has a smart phone now), it’s much easier to become an online magazine creator than you might think. But how do you create online magazines? My solution was