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Publish your own magazine online without any prior knowledge

I’ve been an award-winning novelist for many years, but recently I’ve wanted to branch out into something new. I had some great ideas for creating a magazine, but I lacked the know-how of how to take advantage of sophisticated software. Of course, I could pay a professional to do the hard work for me, but I was looking for a way to maintain control over the project myself. I cannot even begin to express my joy when I finally found YUMPU Publishing. Now it is possible to publish your own magazine online for free.

interactive Magazine

Interactive magazine that you can create for free and in less than 2 minutes

Recently, I attempted to create an interactive magazine using various online tools and software suites I invested in. The problem I encountered is that I had difficulty using these programs and was in need of something more simplistic and easier to manage. Something that could save me a great deal of time and effort in launching a magazine that looked great and that functioned virtually for readers to take advantage of. Luckily, after much research, I came across the free services of YUMPU Publishing. I can honestly say, that since finding their website and discovering the unique services they have to offer, I have never been happier and have saved myself a great deal of time and effort when it comes to launching each issue of my online interactive magazine.