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Embed an online PDF catalog in HTML in just a few minutes, easily and without stress

A PDF catalog is a digital product that you use to present your products and offers neatly. This kind of catalog is presented in a PDF format and can be converted to flipping PDF magazines. You do not have to print your catalogs, create digital ones; instead, It is easy to share a digital document with your clients via email and other social media platforms. You can also upload a PDF catalog on YUMPU Publishing and embed the online PDF catalog to HTML.

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Embed Online PDF Catalog to HTML the solution

How do you bring life into your PDF catalog? The YUMPU Publishing software converts your PDF catalog to flip the digital catalog. Time is changed, and your clients, unlike before, now view your business on the web. You need to make your digital content interactive, exciting, and worth spending time on. Give our clients a fantastic reading experience as they go through your catalog. Flip digital catalogs not only present products and services fashionably, but they also inspire online sales. Once you embed flipping digital catalogs into your site, you get a massive number of visits to your website.

You do not need expert skills to use YUMPU Publishing to convert your PDF catalogs to flip digital catalogs. The connection it has to the social media market will improve the position of your products and offers in the market. The site is easy to use and user-friendly. It will also save you some money because services are provided for free. Your product catalog must look like it belongs to your business. It has to attract your clients and make them curious about what you are offering. The site allows you to customize and contribute to the aesthetics of your product catalog. You get a chance to put your creativity to the test as well as decide on how you want your company to look on social media platforms.

Publish a new flip digital catalog frequently, because the PDF catalog creator allows unlimited publishing for your business. This will make your customers get a lot of current information about your business. Updating your customers makes them get informed of the new products and offers you are providing. Sometimes your catalog can be on many pages; this tool will help you make shorter catalogs. You may publish a catalog at any time since the tool is flexible. It is also easy to use, and if the number of PDF files is high, use the PDF merge to merge the files.

Easy for everyone

The software can now embed Online PDF Catalog to HTML. The free online magazine creator makes it easy for anyone to publish stunning catalogs and embed them into HTML files. You must upload the PDF document; the tool has a PDF viewer that can read the content on your document. Using HTML5 and JavaScript, the PDF HTML converter designs your catalog. The flipping effect gives your readers a reading experience that is not rigid.

Advantages of SEO indexing

Your content needs to be indexed to make search engines easy to find, YUMPU Publishing makes your catalogs easier to index. The catalogs are thus much faster in search engines such as Google, Co, and Bing. New customers will find your content with the help of keywords and tags you have attached to your content. Pages indexed well will have a higher page loading speed. With well-indexed HTML or web pages, many customers will find your products and offers. Traffic on your website increases your sales. You create magazine for free at YUMPU Publishing. The content is razor-sharp to read and can be searched in real-time on all mobile devices and browsers. Your clients can select text in catalogs without difficulty. Content created is fast rendering; images are generated very fast.

The platform offers free accounts to its members and allows them to create digital catalogs for free. Just like Adobe, the tool has an editor that will enable you to edit content anytime.

To enjoy more products, you may purchase a paid account. A paid account has more options, and your company can create many digital catalogs. This helps you save up money that would otherwise be spent on marketing. You get to spend less on product display and increase your sales.

This tool allows you to add sound and video to your digital catalog to enhance your customers’ experience. Customers will enjoy watching videos about your products in your catalog. The PDF catalog creator free software enables users a sensory experience. With a massive number of clients enjoying your content, your products and services will reach more people.

Embed your catalogs to your HTML pages to make your customers’ experience on your site attractive. The PDF catalog creator creates catalogs for you and includes HTML in PDF. You do not need to be an HTML expert to embed PDF catalogs on your website. It also sends links to your clients about your new product catalogs and web content about your business. Digital catalogs make your business site interactive and very interesting. This helps your business remain at the top of the competitive market.

The PDF catalog creator enables you to digitize the way you market your products and services and increase your sales. This digital age requires your enterprise’s presence in the social media market, and there is no better way to do this than to use YUMPU Publishing to do. Create a free account and enjoy the free services offered. Buy a paid account if you want to enjoy more services like creating an unlimited number of digital catalogs.

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