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The best digital magazine publishing software ever! Give it a Try!

The best digital magazine publishing software ever! Give it a Try!

For the longest time, my company had been against us doing any type of social media marketing. They finally came to me and ask my opinion and they wanted me to make a trial run. One of the things that they wanted us to do was be able to do mobile marketing. I kept looking at different sites. But, no digital magazine publishing software really made me comfortable. I felt like my computer would be infected with some virus from how the file names looked. That’s when I found YUMPU Publishing. They offer an up to date and modern digital magazine software. They provide a ton of support and options. They were fantastic. Their website lays out everything for you. And if by chance you can’t find your answer there, they have simple contact information including email.

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So the first thing I wanted to do was put together a Magazine of different things that we deal with day to day in our industry and send out to prospective clients, including getting in front of many people as possible. So we started researching Digital Magazine Publishing Software and we found YUMPU Publishing the best one to be out there during our search.

On their first page they mention their stats and that simply just blows my mind. As a digital publishing newsstand platform with more than 20 million magazines and millions of readers. They have a ton of title selections to choose from. And you can access it from any device that has an Internet connection.

They pretty much do all of their work with the almighty cloud. You simply just upload a PDF file to their website. Then they show you the display of your online publication inside of a digital publishing reader. The fact that they do this for free simply amazes me! Then your online publication is stored online in the cloud.

So with this day and age of digital publishing marketing, it’s great that the Free Online Magazine Creator supports all devices mobile and desktop. They have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You have complete customization of the look and feel.

You can use your own logo, not one that is assigned to you like other services I have used. You have background customization control, with the colors and so much more is available. I simply love this digital magazines publishing program with all the amazing features.

Hands down – this software is one of the best

You are also able to get this embedded on your own websites like Facebook, your business website, and if you have an online store, you can keep it there as well. YUMPU Publishing is also fully integrated with all social media platforms, giving you complete exposure to billions of people and businesses that there is no way that my business will not blossom because of the software. Some other digital magazines publishing program issue that I had was not being able to embed audio and or video into any of my online publications. With the software, you have this already embed for you and you just have to customize it! Just great features and so easy to use!

It’s fantastic

They simply are the best digital magazines publishing program for you to build your mobile marketing and online publishing publications. They also link to your shop from your online publications. I don’t simply see how sales are not going to increase. They are the only digital newsstand that is going to put your publication in the hands of millions of readers.

I can’t stop saying that you cannot beat these features and services. It’s amazing. For whatever reason that you may need a digital magazine publishing software tool, then you definitely need to check out YUMPU Publishing. They just beat all the other digital magazine software tools that are out there. Especially when you compare the free services. It’s going to drive sales, viewer interactions, or whatever your goal maybe by getting a publication in front of millions of readers. I suggest you give YUMPU Publishing a try. Once you do you are not going to be even looking at any other online newsstands. They simply just can’t deliver as well.

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