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Online Magazine Maker Free with which you can share your online magazine quickly and easily

Online Magazine Maker Free with which you can share your online magazine quickly and easily

As a sustainable fashion brand, I rely on brochures and magazines to showcase our designs and the way they are produced. But creating online magazines that look good, are easy to market, and fit our SEO strategy hasn’t been easy. At least it wasn’t before I tried the online magazine maker free at YUMPU Publishing. I tried a few other online magazine creation platforms, but the digital magazine creator gave us the tools I needed. Their online tools allowed us to transition from boring PDF documents to vibrant documents featuring page flipping and flash elements. Suddenly, I could match long articles with videos of models wearing our apparel, and readers could use magazine flip tools to scroll through each collection as if it was in a catwalk show. It’s no exaggeration to say that YUMPU’s publishing software totally changed the way I reach new customers and develop our brand. I’m sure that other companies can benefit in exactly the same way, which is why I’ve written this blog. You can make the switch to page turning PDF publications, and leave static documents behind forever.

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Use the online magazine maker free to get away from static, long PDFs

If I had to use one word to describe the experience of using the online magazine maker for free at YUMPU Publishing, it would be “freedom.”

This simple online tool liberated me to use PDFs in totally new ways, but the actual process of using the system is incredibly simple. At first, I created an account for free and fired up the online manual creator. This allowed me to import our existing PDFs, and to add extra functionality like videos and audio recordings, as well as flash elements if I needed them. So I added 3D renderings and videos of our designs, turning lifeless documents into something truly special. Even better, the PDF magazine creator automatically turns PDF flipbooks into HTML versions which are perfect for online marketing. Again, it’s all about freedom. You can use your magazines however you like – from direct email marketing or conference presentations to subscription services.

Switching to Flipbooks can also have big SEO benefits

One thing that I didn’t expect when using the online magazine maker free was that it would have serious SEO benefits. I’ve always struggled a little to generate traffic.

Fashion is a really competitive niche, and it’s hard to stand out. But the software gave me some powerful tools to earn more visitors. When you create an online PDF magazine at YUMPU Publishing, the document is optimized so that the pages of the magazine are broken up and indexed one by one. This reduces the size of the document, making it more digestible for search engines like Google and Bing. The magazine may look glossy and professional, but the size of the file is kept small, and this drastically improves its SEO performance. I found that even files created via the software free magazine app created traffic spikes to our e-Commerce store. And the more I experimented with keywords, the more traffic these magazines delivered.

The free online magazine creator is full of functionalities

None of this would matter if the magazines I created via YUMPU Publishing were ugly or hard to use, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our fashion magazines looked incredible. They were much more visually impressive than our older materials, which took far longer to make. Many customers have told me that simply reading our magazines is enjoyable, and it really makes them keen to find out more. The flipbook format is also a step up from static pdfs, which need users to scroll down or across. Instead, the flipbook feels more like a real magazine. That’s great for laptop and tablet users and even works well on smartphones and e-readers. Users can also search through our magazines with ease, finding the clothing or accessories they love. It all comes together in a publishing style that’s light years ahead of our older methods.

Revitalize your social media presence with a magazine making app

Our fashion brand is a huge user of social media as well, so I’m really keen to share our publications in ways that maximize their reach and connect together our different channels and sites. That’s another area where using the online magazine maker free can make a massive difference. The flipbooks I created have proved really easy to share. You can embed them on Facebook or Twitter, add them to blogs, and link them seamlessly to eCommerce portals. I’ve used these magazines to knit together all of our sales funnels, directing customers to the places that matter. And because they look so good, they constantly deliver visitors who are ready to purchase. It’s finally making social media pay off.

The software offers the ideal way to discover magazine software

Before you dive into the world of page turning software and online magazine publishing, it’s important to know more about how YUMPU Publishing’s service works. The key thing to know straight away is that you can use the online magazine maker free without paying a dime. This has plenty of features to import images and text, or convert PDFs to flipbooks, and using the magazine creator free is the perfect introduction to how YUMPU Publishing works. I used it to create a few magazines, and their success led me to look into the other packages that the software provides. In our case, I chose the WEBKiosk package. This lets you create magazine stores where you can sell subscriptions and manage social media easily. It meets our need to monetize our content as well as generate traffic to our store. Alternatively, you could try APPKiosk, which is designed for mobile commerce users. There’s the simple adFREE plan which removes all ads, as well as PROKiosk. This is the all-around premium package, and I may sign up pretty soon. It offers in-depth support and many more features to fine-tune the magazine-making experience. But there’s a package for everyone, and they are all reasonably priced.

Take your business mobile with the online magazine maker

As I use the software more, I’m discovering new ideas about how I can use turn page flash documents to our advantage. Mobile commerce is one area where I haven’t been that engaged, but thanks to YUMPU Publishing I have some great projects that could work well on smartphone screens. All of the magazines created via the platform are stable and optimized for mobile. The flipbook format lends itself to swiping and quick reading, page flip flash, and HTML5 formats are totally responsive and work smoothly with any mobile OS, and the APPKiosk service can actually create iOS and Android apps for specific magazines. At the moment, I’m mostly web-based, but it’s extremely easy to use the online magazine maker to free the potential of mobile commerce.

Your magazine creation partner

If you need to reach a wider audience, impress customers, and showcase your products as professionally as possible, trying the online magazine maker free at YUMPU Publishing is a no-brainer. The magazine creator and the PDF catalog creator put premium tools at the disposal of small companies, letting you create publications that look like they’ve fallen off a magazine rack. So sign up, explore, and start creating. Switching to a magazine online creator could be the marketing move your business needs.

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