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Publish your own magazine online without any prior knowledge

Publish your own magazine online without any prior knowledge

I’ve been an award-winning novelist for many years, but recently I’ve wanted to branch out into something new. I had some great ideas for creating a magazine, but I lacked the know-how of how to take advantage of sophisticated software. Of course, I could pay a professional to do the hard work for me, but I was looking for a way to maintain control over the project myself. I cannot even begin to express my joy when I finally found YUMPU Publishing. Now it is possible to publish your own magazine online for free.

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The best tool to publish your own magazine online

If you’ve ever wanted to publish your own magazine online, YUMPU Publishing is definitely the place to go. That’s not just me saying it, but millions of users who have taken advantage of the free service to publish digital magazines free. Using software on my computer, I worked hard to create a perfect PDF, with text and photos neatly arranged.

I had everything just the way I wanted it, but no way to share it with my customers and supporters. But with this service, not only was the final product absolutely stunning, but the whole process was simple, fast, and absolutely free. Mind you, I’ve tried other so-called free services that promise to help you with a free magazine online digital publishing, but I got bogged down by their slow, difficult-to-use interface and substandard results. With YUMPU Publishing, I was effortlessly able to convert my PDF pages into an interactive and gloriously rendered digital online magazine.


A lot of websites promise free but hide extra costs and fees. What I especially liked about YUMPU Publishing was how upfront they were about everything. It cost me absolutely nothing to get an account, and I was up and running within minutes. Since I discovered this wonderful free online magazine creator, I’ve taken advantage of its many features:

  • Safety of the Cloud – I’m not just uploading a few PDF files to a website, I’m storing my magazine masterpiece in the security of the cloud.

  • Free – Is there really a better price than that?

  • Quick Service – It takes mere moments for me to transform my PDF files into a gloriously rendered magazine.

  • Versatile – The service is designed to work with all mobile AND desktop computing devices.

  • Embedding – Use simple codes, your magazine can be embedded on your favorite social media network like Facebook, Twitter, or online platform.

  • Audio and Video – It’s not just for text and photos. Magazines can become interactive magazine masterpieces use audio and video files.

  • Linking – From inside of your magazine, you can provide links to websites, affiliate merchants, shops, and more.

  • Google Friendly – With over 20 million magazines currently hosted on the site, all publications are optimized for search engines.

  • Help -ful support team who will help and show you how to use your flip book for your personal benefits.

  • Easy use of the flip book software

With so many powerful features bundled into one service, it’s astonishing that people would go anywhere else to publish online PDF magazine free.

My Final Word

As a veteran of the internet, I’m always skeptical of amazing new claims. That’s why I decided to put YUMPU Publishing through its pages. I quickly threw together a mock-up of some of my latest magazine ideas and let the service work its magic. When it was done, I shared the final results with a select group of members of my marketing network. The results were overwhelming – my customers and trusted business partners were blown away by how crisp and professional my online magazine looked.

If you ever told someone that you want to publish your own magazine online, then I cannot recommend a better group than the good people at this service. With so many powerful benefits packed into the free service, and even more mind-blowing upgrades available with paid plans, the company allows even beginning publishers to create visual works of art. When my good friend and long-time business partner told me he was interested in publishing a magazine online, I immediately steered him to the flip book page, explaining to him all of the rich features available even for free accounts. He was amazed to see the diverse vibrant community of over 1 million users, who collectively have added 20 million works of culture to the community since the site opened. This is definitely the future of online digital magazine publishing software.

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