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Embed PDF in your website and generate more reach

Embed PDF in your website and generate more reach

I was so excited about launching my first online shop, but there was one more thing I needed to do before I published it. After trying many things, I could not figure out how to embedding a PDF into your website or online shop, but then I discovered the free solution YUMPU Publishing. This software has a fantastic solution, which allowed me to convert a PDF into a beautiful ePaper (you can also integrate signup forms and audio/video files into an ePaper!) and then embed the PDF (which was already converted into an ePaper) it into my shop. I just uploaded my simple PDF file, and the document was displayed as a beautiful digital catalog. I did this FOR FREE! My product catalog is now hosted in the cloud and my shop finally had what it needed to be complete, but I am also excited about adding even more to my online shop in the near future.

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Why an ePaper is the better solution than Embedding a PDF:

(these 7 benefits were taken from the Digital Publishing 2013 Study)

1.) ePaper can be read on smartphones, tablets, and on both PC and Mac. They can be embedded into any online shop, blog, or website.

2.) ePaper is the perfect solution for presenting services or products because they are very interactive. ePaper will allow a viewer to watch videos and fill out signup forms. They can even listen to sound and click on hyperlinks.

3.) The results from a 2014 office study show that ePaper has 2.5 more page views than a PDF that is downloadable.

4.) Viewers prefer reading online the natural way, just like they would read a paper or a magazine which is physically in front of them. ePaper provides a presentation that is double-sided.

5.) ePaper is SEO friendly, which means it is optimized for search engines such as Google. This will bring in more traffic and new customers to your website. ePaper has 12 times more readers by Google.

6.) ePaper allows sharing on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Since ePaper is fully integrated with all major social networks, your publications will spread like wildfire!

7.) ePaper can be loaded at a much faster rate than any PDF embed.

You can also embed video and audio into your PDF!

I will be embedding video and audio directly into my future publications. This will give my customers an online shopping experience, unlike they have ever had before. You can also direct link the products inside of the ePaper to your shopping basket, just insert the correct link and you’re ready to go.

Not only was I able to finish my online shop, but my friend was also able to finish her online magazine with the help of YUMPU Publishing the best digital magazine software. She also had a great experience, while building her magazine. She was able to change and improve the look of her magazine. She added her logo, changed the background colors, and tweaked other parts until she was completely satisfied. She also linked her shop right from her publication!

I would recommend the software to anyone who is launching a website, such as an online shop or a magazine. What is even better is to publish your own magazine online. I have found no other support system as I have found at YUMPU Publishing. Their support system is unmatched.

I had a few questions while I was on their website, which they quickly answered. I also found YUMPU Publishing provides a very informative knowledge base right on the website! YUMPU Publishing is a digital publishing site and makes it possible to PDF embed easily on your site, which allows a website visitor to read an online print publication online such as a magazine, flyer, or magazine.

My conclusion

They have millions of readers who have access to over 20 million magazines. The free online magazine creator provides the newest and most informative titles in topics such as arts, cultures, fashion, and hyperlocal content. These titles can be accessed on any device.

YUMPU Publishing offers the only tool of its kind for embedding a PDF into your website. I am so happy to have found the software because they absolutely have the only platform that will put publications in the hands of millions of avid readers.

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