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Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the days of print media are over. But self publishing becomes easier and more profitable all the time. In addition to far lower publishing costs, with the explosion of personal electronic devices in recent years (even Granny has a smart phone now), it’s much easier to become an online magazine creator than you might think. But how do you create online magazines? My solution was

When I made the decision to transition from a print publication to an online one. I was presented with many set up options via services such as Scribd, Issuu, Blurb, etc., and like many publisher who create online content, encountered problems.

One service made downloading articles very difficult. Another overcharged me, renewed my subscription fees without my permission. On top of this, its software had trouble working with some Apple products, and text downloading was again an issue. Another product produced something that was extremely slow to download, had no prompts, and no customer service, either, when I tried to resolve the issues. Just messages telling me that what I was getting was what I wanted. Even if it wasn’t. So much for being an online magazine creator, I thought.

The Online Magazine Creator I was looking for

Then I found out about When I went to a chat room to find out how other folks were dealing with this situation, a friend suggested that I should check out their website to learn more about the online flip magazine creator Yumpu offers. It seemed like an easy, straightforward, product to use, but I decided to check with other maagzine publishing programs before taking the plunge. Not only was Yumpu easy to use, and free, one online magazine creator told me that when he had an issue during setup, his call to Yumpu’s customer support service department was returned in under two minutes. The support agent stayed with him on the phone until the problem was resolved, too.

None of the “A representative will respond to your inquiry within three business days” nonsense that I’ve encountered with other services. So with a deadline to meet, I gave Yumpu a try. I sent them a single PDF file that had given a couple of their competitors so much trouble. I very soon had a very professional, very readable series of digital articles, which looked great with an amazing design not only on my computer, but as I was to discover this digital design, on tablets and smartphones as well!

So many customization options, so little time

But of course, it wouldn’t be a online PDF magazine without pictures, and I’m happy to report that with not only were they intact, downloading time for viewing was minimal. The clarity and color of my digital magazines graphics were great as well. And when I played around a bit with the digital magazine logo design and color before publication, there were no problems, unlike a tragedy with another service I tried with a free digital magazine.

And as online magazine creators know, it’s just not an online publication with plain old text and photographs. Now readers want to viscerally experience what they’re reading, and Yumpu makes linking to videos very easy. I publish a natural resources digital magazine, and I know that my readership has more than doubled by being able to include live video of animals.

In addition to links, my readers can now “flip” the “pages” of my publication, just like real magazines, which makes it easier and more pleasant to read. This means that not only do readers stay longer, they bring back additional readers with them.

This is my conclusion ( facebook twitter )

Not only can Yumpu help create a devoted following for your publication, once it’s been uploaded, it’s easy for new readers to find it on various search engines, such as Google and Bing, as well. Moreover its possible to share your upload with social media like facebook twitter which is just one of many great features. They also offer a fantastic support team to help you with your digital magazines and this support team shows you how to use all the great features on your upload.

And for those whose publications are more than a labor of love, like catalog suppliers, Yumpu can create a secure link for customer online shopping.

I’ve been a “publish your own magazine online kind of publisher for over a year now, and my first attempts at this were far from pretty with other products. With Yumpu, I got quick service, great looking results including an amazing design, and in the one instance that I experienced a problem, customer help – service within minutes, and quick problem resolution. So join me and 200 million other Yumpu users, and improve your online publications and increase readership today!