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Online PDF magazine creation with this free and easy tool

Online PDF magazine creation with this free and easy tool

As a small business owner, I have long seen the value of publishing promotional materials on the Internet. Setting up an attractive and SEO-connected website and engaging in blogging activities were good first steps, but my next idea was to create a print-quality, online magazine from my existing PDF files – an online PDF magazine. I soon discovered, however, that all PDF best online magazine software is not created equal. The first PDF online magazine sites I visited were expensive, slow, and not up to the quality level I demanded. Finally, I came across YUMPU Publishing. It is free to use, simple to operate, and the most powerful PDF magazine creator I could find on the whole Web.

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Hassle Free and Cost Free Online PDF Magazine

It took a bit of experimentation and research to come to this conclusion, but I am now truly convinced that there is no better online PDF magazine tool. This free online magazine creator loads fast and quickly converts PDF files to impressive online materials.

You can customize the pages to display your own brand marks and personal taste. You can embed both audio and video clips into your publications. All major mobile and desktop devices are fully supported, and the customer service is always quick to help should you stumble upon a problem.

After joining in hassle-free manner, you can immediately upload your PDFs, publish them, and store them on the online cloud. This is all free. It is true that you have the option of upgrading to add more features later on if you desire, but the free version has everything you need to get started with a high-quality e-zine.

Here you can see an example magazine from this service:

YUMPU Publishing has taken pains to ensure everything published with their software partakes of high SEO ratings. They have worked with Google to improve search results, facilitated embedding on blogs and website pages, and fully integrated their system with social media giants like Facebook.

With this kind of connectivity, your online magazine will get plenty of exposure in very little time. Already, over 20 million magazines have been published using this online PDF catalog creator. Many of these e-zines are up-and-coming publications in niche areas like fashion, arts, culture, and hyper-local business and social content. When you recall that these millions of magazines are instantaneously accessible to anyone with an Internet-capable device, it is no wonder that these publications have acquired an enormous readership.

Both High-Tech and Elegant

This technology gives you unprecedented ease of access to a whole world of potential readers. Images are precise, page transitions quick and smooth, and customization options impressive.

As a digital newsstand and publishing platform, it ranks with the best as far as being “cutting edge.”
What sets these PDF online magazines even further abreast of the competition, however, is their genuine elegance.

By simulating the appearance of print publications, such as magazines, books, catalogs, flyers, and brochures, YUMPU Publishing puts familiar and quality-associated imagery before the reader’s eyes. The familiar motions of page-turning are recreated on the screen, and digital imagery matches and mimics everything you would expect in a top-tier ink and paper magazine.

Concluding Thoughts

While there are many PDF to digital magazine publishing software options to be found online, many of them charge you to even begin using their services. They also fall short of YUMPU Publishing in providing an abundance of quality features along with great simplicity of use.

I would recommend this PDF to digital magazine software to anyone serious about publishing an e-zine or any other form of e-publication. Once you test the waters with the free version, you may well wish to further enhance your content, but you can continue for free as long as you like.

If you have any trouble at all, you will find the support team is second to none in problem resolution. Mimicking print with high-tech, digital e-publication software and connecting to a wide audience are simultaneously obtainable, in a cost-effective manner, when you use this online magazine creator.

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