Debating Issuu vs Scribd – is THIS the End?


Earlier this year, I was launching my magazine, and early on, when I was deciding on the format, I was spending a fair chunk of time deciding between Issuu vs Scribd, which are two fairly major players when it comes … Continued

After Comparing Issuu vs. Magcloud, I Chose… Surprise!


Writing is my passion. I publish a blog that covers the creative writing process. Recently, I accepted a fellow author’s challenge to “be more visual” and incorporate images and video into my publication. While upgrading, I decided to “reboot” my … Continued

Issuu vs Magazine3 and Other Options


What do you do when you are trying to launch a company and you’ve got a shoestring budget to do it with? I was doing my best to launch my business without cutting corners, but I was getting a little … Continued